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Online registration for the 2019 Seminar is a two-step process:


1. Buy Ticket - Required

You must first pay for your registration online via PayPal. To securely do so, please click on the appropriate "Buy Now" button below depending on your registration type (Doctor, Student, Faculty). You will be taken to PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay online. PayPal accepts credit cards as payment or if you prefer, you may pay using your PayPal account. It is your choice.


2. Complete Online Registration Form - Required

Once you have submitted payment via PayPal, you will then need to return to this website and complete our online registration form. The online registration form requires you to enter your PayPal Receipt Number if you paid with a credit card or your Transaction ID if you paid using your PayPal account. You will not be able to register online without one of these two numbers which can be found on your PayPal receipt.

The Biennial Growth Seminar is not organized for financial profit and the registration fee is no larger than necessary to meet expenses of the seminar. Please note: doctor registration fees go up as the seminar date approaches. 15 HOURS OF CE CREDIT.   Pay by check


Registration received by March 1, 2019:         $695.00 (US bank)

Registration received after March 1, 2019:            $740.00

Student registration:                                        $275.00 (US bank)

Program Chairs:                                              no charge

Full-time faculty (three or more days/week):        $395.00 (US bank)

1. Buy Ticket

2. Fill out registration form


Seminar Ticket

Price: $740 USD

1. Buy Ticket

2. Fill out registration form


Seminar Ticket

Price: $275 USD

1. Buy Ticket

2. Fill out registration form



Seminar Ticket

Price: $395 USD

REFUND POLICY: Paypal will not refund credit card processing fee (~3%) 30 days or more following your initial registration. If you request a refund 30 days or more following your registration, that fee will be deducted from the amount refunded to you. Cancellations after March 10, 2019 are subject to a 20% administrative charge. No refunds after March 16, 2019.

Registration fee is also payable by check, in US funds, to: NEWCONN Orthodontic Foundation
Mail to Registration Chairman:

Dr. Kevin Boyle
222 Route 59, Suite 211

Suffern, NY 10901-5204

Please fill out a registration form, and write "paid by check" and the check number in the Transaction ID field.